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Testimonials and Letters from our Students

This section of our website is dedicated to students who have very kindly written testimonials about the college, their course and their tutor. We are proud to present them here along with samples of the students work. If you are a happy student and would like to send us a similar testimonial, please don't hesitate to contact us at any time.

Thank you so much Paul for your continuous guidance. I was a self learner from the age of 8. I always borrowed books from libraries followed You Tube videos and attended SAA open Art workshops for 3 continuous year in UK. However the only thing missing was a guidance and feedback. I have never looked at my work, in the way Paul Weaver looked at. Paul, you managed to guide me on every line that I made while drawing and every painting technique and brush strokes I've used. It was so detailed that there were times I fell in love with my own work. Its true beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. You have also shown various areas I need to improve on. I will certainly take that on board. I am super thrilled and look forward to do some more course with LAC.

Shilpa Kunder

Hi Stewart, I want to thank you for all your help, and encouragement throughout this course. I have thoroughly enjoyed studying. I have to confess that La Primavera is one of my least favourite pieces that we have studied. But, and I think this is the strength of the course, I do now have an appreciation for it that I never had before, and would never had had if not for this course. This course has taught me to look at things differently – especially things which I initially don’t like, don’t understand or just don’t connect with. So, thank you again for being an amazing tutor and putting together such an interesting course.

Susan Poole

Hello John I had a lot of fun doing this course, it has help me improve my art by leaps and bounds, as well as help make my style more unique. I feel a lot more confident in my drawing skills, and doing this as helped me thought a bad time. Thank you so much for all your help.

Kevin Clark

My daughter, passed London Art College with Merit in Drawing and Painting Diploma. She could overcome her learning disability and complete this course. This course has helped her explore with different form of art.I am thankful to Mr Paul Weaver her tutor.


Dear Maggy, I have received my diploma and i am delighted.I want to thank you for all the critique and advice you have given me which has been very helpful.I have enjoyed the course and learnt a lot from taking it. I thought i would let you know that i have had the opportunity to do some voluntary illustration work for Diana Coopers kids website which is good experience.Through this i have made connections with some authors and am illustrating some short stories for them.Hopefully this will lead to other things in the future. Very best wishes.

Paula Tollerton

Thank you for my certificate which I am very proud of.

Angela Davis

I am really enjoying the course I love using my imagination


"I know I will really miss doing this course. I found your advise and encouragement invaluable. You have given me a new confidence and you never know you may see me in print one day"!

Niamh Fahy

I studied your art work in a Children's lit class I took at Uni! I am absolutely thrilled to be working under your guidance.

Rebecca Ulyatt