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Student of the Year 2009 Winners

Each year the London Art College awards prizes to outstanding students. This year, 2009, students entered their own chosen piece for the Student of the Year and the winner and runner up was chosen by the tutors during our Annual General Meeting.

2009 Winner - Mark Jephcott 'Time Slip' 

Introduction to Mark Jephcotts 'Time Slip' 

The London Art College judging panel agreed that overall the standard of work entered into the competition was very high this year. It was a terrific opportunity for tutors to meet up and view the entries together.

Mark Jephcott is a worthy winner of this year's Student of the Year competition. 'Time Slip' is a wonderfully conceptual piece of art and has been finished to an extremely high standard. It is a super composition with many interesting elements that really capture the imagination.

Throughout the Art in Graphic Design course Mark demonstrated his creative ability across a range of art and design disciplines using both traditional methods and computer based work.

His success in this competition very much reflects the standard of work completed during the course, which helped him to build a strong portfolio of work.

Since completing his Diploma with London Art College Mark has now gained a place on a BA Graphic Design course. I wish him continued success in the future. Many congratulations!
Vanessa Weaver - Graphic Design Diploma Course

Letter from Mark Jephcott

Firstly I would like to offer my deepest thanks to London Art College and my Art In Graphic Design diploma course tutor, Vanessa Weaver. I feel honoured to have received the Student of the Year award, and more than a little stunned!

London Art College has done far more than help me to develop my skills through the course, my diploma helped to secure my place on the BA Hons in Graphic Design and Illustration degree course that I am currently studying. I am hoping that if/when I graduate I will go on to work in the graphic design and illustration industry and make my mark on the world!

I have been disabled due to severe rheumatoid arthritis for the past 16 years since the age of 24. This has obviously affected my ability to work over the years, and now I finally have the opportunity to hope for a real career.

'Time Slip' was the first large work that I did after my diploma course and was a project that evolved over the space of a couple of months, I have always had an interest in Surrealism and wanted to create my own piece. The various elements were created separately in a variety of media, for example; the locomotive was 'painted' in ballpoint pen, the zip and space scene were painted in acrylic. Once finished, all of the elements were brought together in Adobe Photoshop where they were integrated into the piece, each element being connected to the other, yet being totally separate. Each element seems to have its individual place in time even though all are present in the image, hence the title!

I would not be in the position that I am now without the help and inspiration that I have had from London Art College, and that is something that I will never forget. Once again, my deepest thanks to you all.
Mark Jephcott

2009 Runner Up - Anne Davies 'Man with a Violin'

Letter from Ann Davies

Thank you so much for your recent letter informing me of the Runner's- up award in The Student of the Year Competition. I painted 'The Man with a Violin' as part of my Drawing and Painting Course work. Being greatly motivated by the subject; I'm so pleased it has been given a prize! Many thanks to my tutor Maja who encouraged me to take part. This result has, whilst boosting my confidence no end ,has also renewed my determination to succeed in obtaining my diploma. Proof that it's never too late to have a go!

I attended an Art School in Gt. Yarmouth, Norfolk as a young girl, but went into nursing.

Having always had a passion for art, my family would say I've never stopped 'doodling' so it was great to have a second go, with your distance learning Art College Course .This in turn has enabled me to accomplish more than I expected.

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