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Art Competition 2014 Finalists

Name : Dana Mallon, Title of Piece : Harem, Medium : Watercolour and Pen
Name : Udayana Lugo, Title of Piece : Row, Row, Row your boat, Medium : Watercolour and Ink
Name : Angela Lavender, Title of Piece : Chiaroscuro Figs, Medium : Acrylic
Name : D-J Gent, Title of Piece : Old Mill House Monxton, Medium : Acrylic
Name : Sarah Lister, Title of Piece : Harry Potter, Medium : Watercolour, Pen and Coloured Pencil
Name : John Irvine, Title of Piece : Oli, Medium : Coloured Pencil
Name : Ella Chambers, Title of Piece : Reflections of Innocence, Medium : Pen and Ink
Name : Zantac Glogowska, Title of Piece : Quiet, Medium : Watercolour
Name : Tessa Baker, Title of Piece : Anemones, Medium : Watercolour
Name : Jonathan Cooper, Title of Piece : The Reading Cow, Medium : Watercolour
Name : Lilly Bezzubyk, Title of Piece : Awaiting Spring, Medium : Coloured Pencil
Name : Irina Viatkina, Title of Piece : Orchid Passion, Medium : Watercolour
Name : Alexandra Riley, Title of Piece : Kittens in a boot, Medium : Pencil
Name : Gabrielle Streat, Title of Piece : Quiet Time, Medium : Oil
Name : Sandhya Sharma, Title of Piece : The Distracted Reader, Medium : Oils
Name : Monica Bonvicini, Title of Piece : Willie the Lion Smith, Medium : Acrylics
Name : Chris McDonald, Title of Piece : Desert Cartoon, Medium : Pen and Ink
Name : Anne Grimer, Title of Piece : Iguana, Medium : Acrylic and Ink
Name : Claire Ninham, Title of Piece : Fading Rosa 'Nightingale', Medium : Watercolour
Name : Suzanne Dore, Title of Piece : Aliens, Medium : Pen and Ink Promarkers