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Cartooning Competition 2015 Entries

Welcome to the 2015 London Art College Cartooning Competition. The competition is now closed. 

Winner - Ryan Ball

Congratulations to Ryan Ball who is this years winner of London Art College 1st Annual cartooning competition. All of the entries were absolutely fantastic, each student produced very clever and funny cartoons, however Ryan was a clear winner with high marks from all three judges. We asked Ryan to send us a paragraph about how he came up with the idea and you can read about it below along with his viewing entry and visiting Ryan's website and twitter feed.

Regarding the idea, I had the idea of the chicken being very nonchalant about the whole thing early on, and find it funny when animals seem human-like so was thinking of real-life situations of crossing a road or simply walking. And like him, my wife has the car in the week and that's why I walk! I actually had a few ideas for the punchline and asked my wife her opinion. She didn't get any of them (!) so I thought I'd go with the one that kinda mentioned her! I'm chuffed to have won. I'm going use the voucher to buy a car off Amazon. Thanks again! arpeebee.carbonmade.com Twitter @arpeebee


2015 London Art College Cartooning Competition Entries

Entrant - Alankrita-Jain

Entrant - Chris McDonald

Entrant - Claire Ivie

Entrant - Clare Andrews

Entrant - Eleanor Patrick

Entrant - Faith Parish

Entrant - Jon Cooper

Entrant - Julie Woodward

Entrant - Laura Alice Young

Entrant - Linda Carter

Entrant - Matthew Jones

Entrant - Matthew Jones

Entrant - Monique Bailey

Entrant - Nadine Archibald

Entrant - Struthi Nair

Entrant - Tim MacPhee

Entrant - Tracy Aston