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London Art College Art Competition 2018 Winners

Welcome to the winner and runner up's page for our 2018 London Art College Art competition. First of all....


We had an incredible 113 entries this year and so it was our tutors difficult job to choose two finalists each from the entries page. We then attended our yearly meeting where all of the tutors and staff gather together and discuss the finalists entries and choose our two favourites.  Scroll down the page to see the winner and runner up along with reading about them and their artwork. We hope you find the paintings inspiring and we look forward to seeing your entries in our next competition in 2019!  

Congratulations to this year's WINNER of the London Art College's 2018 Competition - 

Michael Masson with his painting of  'Sasha'

 Mike Masson

My name is Mike and I am somewhat stunned to have won the competition. I was delighted to have been selected as one of the finalist, so to win is absolutely amazing, especially seeing the quality of all the other entries.

About the painting
I only completed this painting a few weeks ago, Sasha my cross border collie, springer spaniel was looking forlornly at me waiting to be taken on her daily walk, so I quickly tried to sketch her but then took a photo and was lucky to catch her just as she looked up.

Painted using acrylics onto canvas board it took approximately 5 hours to complete over about 3 days and I used both my original sketch and photo for reference. After the news you have given me I will be taking it to be framed so it can take pride of place in my lounge (just above the fire I think). 

About Sasha
My 8 year old cross springer, collie (known as Sprollies) has been my faithful companion since a pup. We have 2 dogs the other one being a miniature jack Russell and both have been subject of my painting and drawings many times over the years.

Finally about me
I have always enjoyed art and took A level when I was at college, however work and bringing up a family then took over and I practically gave up for 30 years, which seems to be the story for so many people. With my wife’s backing, I decided to enrol with London Art College. There were so many things that I felt I needed to know and many things I had forgotten so I had to strip it all back and start from the beginning.

I enjoy Paul Weavers feedback and instruction which is giving me confidence to experiment and I definitely feel I have improved since starting the course. My intention is to successfully complete the Drawing and Painting diploma before moving on to another course within the curriculum.

I have attached a photo of myself with Sasha on our red sofa. Many regards from a truly delighted student.


Mike Masson

RUNNER-UP - Rob Leuchtenberger  with his Painting: 'Ocean Snake'.

Many thanks for your congratulations. Indeed I was absolutely immensely pleased to be the runner up and I never expect that! Fantasy Art is not everybody’s subject and so I am very happy about the feedback I got this way!

I just feel what maybe many artist do – every little success is just one small step forward on a very long path you have to walk… alone in a foggy, unknown land!

About the Artwork “Ocean Snake”
This artwork is painted on fibreboard in 85 x 45 cm (18 x 34 inches). After covering with white gesso I started sketching the whole scene with pencil. Further on Acrylic colours were applied for the different sections of colours. The details of clouds and the underwater objects I also finished with Acrylic (the clouds mostly by using the fingers and the hand clench). All details at the water surface, island, snake and ship are painted
in very thin layers with “Lukas Berlin – water mixable artists oil colours”. The whole process took about 70 hours.

About me:
After studying Graphic Design in Hamburg I worked as Multimedia Designer for publishers and also for some months in Birmingham – that was a great time! In 2007 I started freelancing and created 2D/3D artworks for video games. But in my opinion I never found the opportunity really growing up to the artist I tried to be. The world of arts is just getting faster and more digital – but not really better. So 2016 I dug out all my colours, papers and fibreboard and went back to the roots as artist!

London Art College is waiting…yeah!

Cheers Rob

Rob Leuchtenberger

Rob Leuchtenberger

Rob Leuchtenberger