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2022 London Art College Art Competition

Welcome to the winners of this years 2022 London Art College Art Competition! The winner is student Max Byiringiro Bahizi and the runner up is Luiza Varovici. Congratulations to both students, a very well deserved win! We have added both pieces of artwork below along with some text written by the students. We are thrilled and delighted for both students and hope everyone enjoys reading about their artwork in more detail.

Winner – Max Byiringiro Bahizi 

It is called Melanin Queen, I did in a black history month dedicating to all black women reminding them their natural beauty and that they should celebrate it every day.

Medium: digital art, I always use my iPad and procreate to create my stuff.

Runner Up - Luiza Varovici

I was in Plymouth on the 1st of August this year and took many pictures. I was impressed by this building, it is called 'The Merchants House'. It was built on the 16th century by William Parker, a pirate and merchant, friend of Sir Francis Drake. He served under Drake in 1588 in the fight against the Spanish Armada. In 1601 he captured some treasure ships and used the money to remodel an older house into a fashionable timber-framed house suitable for a respected gentleman of the town. He subsequently served as Lord Mayor of Plymouth from 1601-1602. He died in 1618 on a voyage to the East Indies.
I painted this on the 18th of August in markers and ink fineliners.
Brands used: Promarker and Kuretake. Reference photos and about 'The Merchants House'

About Luiza

Luiza Varovici was born in Romania and came to England 15 years ago. In Romania she had 8 years of formal training in painting in the School of Art. Because she works in programming, she continued painting as a hobby and specialized in sketches done outdoor and abstract work like mandalas. You can visit more of her artwork here - luizavarovici.co.ukpowermandala.co.uk