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Photography Competition Entries 2015

Welcome to the 2015 London Art College Photography Competition

The standard of photography this year was very high; this and the fact that the range of interpretation of the theme was great made choosing a winner very difficult. The winner, Eleanor Patrick's scene of cliffs, shows technical skill and an eye for composition, producing a stunning shot of bold colour and texture - you can almost hear the sea crashing on the rocks. Congratulations to Eleanor, an Amazon voucher of £50 is on its way to you.

We would like to recognise a second place and some highly commended students. Colin Armstrong with 'Sunset Beach' came a close second which is pictured below. Laura Nickerson, Kevin Pyle and Catriona Jennings are all highly commended.

Winner - Eleanor Patrick

Email from Eleanor - I am both staggered and pleased about this, although looking at the other entries, it was a close thing! I had forgotten all about entering actually. I shot this with my Pentax *istDS in 2006 in Malta F11 1/250. The boat trips to the Blue Grotto were shut due to high winds so we walked around the cliffs and I took this view because of the light and depth of colour. It didn't need altering afterwards, which was nice! The sun had done a good job for me :) This has reminded me that I used to provide the photos for nearly all my articles published in national magazines and newspapers over the years and now I have become merely a would-artist relying on my iPhone camera because it's always with me. But there isn't time for everything, is there?! Anyway, this win has given me a needed kick to take a DSLR with me everywhere.Thanks again for choosing my picture. It's made my day!


Runner Up - Colin Armstrong

Entrant - Catriona Jennings

Entrant - Elaine Hillson

Entrant - Jeanette Cumberworth

Entrant - Josefine Trinkaus

Entrant - Kevin Pyle

Entrant - Keziah Herbert

Entrant - Laura Alice Young

Entrant - Laura Nickerson

Entrant - Peter Woolgar

Entrant - Rosalind Moll

Entrant - Sumeera Qayyum