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GIMP Tutorials

We have added some excellent YouTube video for our students to watch on how to use GIMP. Some tutorials will be for older versions, the newest videos will always be at the top of the page. The videos below explains a number of the necessary points including.....

Importing your image / scanning your image (300dpi is fine)
Using levels (lights and darks) on your image
Sharpening your image
Brightness and Contrast
Cropping your image
Saturate your colours
Removing backgrounds / Transparent backgrounds (for png files which are acceptable)
Exporting / Saving your images as a jpeg

If the videos don't play, right click and choose 'Copy Video URL' and then paste it into a new browser window. 

Resizing your image for uploading. We don't recommend overwriting your original files. Ideally you need to save (Export) your new image as a separate file specifically for uploading to your tutor. The video below will help you with this. 

Beginners Tutorial For Using Layers

Beginners Tutorial For Using Layers

Beginners Basics Part 1

Beginners Basics Part 2