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Meet Irina Petrova, widely recognized by the artistic pseudonym ‘Irisha.’

Since 2010, Irina has carved out a distinguished career as a professional artist, operating from her home studio in the UK. Originally hailing from the Siberian city of Irkutsk, Irina has seamlessly blended her artistic roots with the vibrant creative community in her adopted home, the UK.

From her early years, Irina’s enthusiasm for drawing was insatiable. Exploring a myriad of subjects, ranging from nature and people to the captivating world of animals, she discovered a profound connection with the latter. Her artistic focus revolves around animals, with a particular affinity for pets. 

Armed with a degree as a teacher of foreign languages and philologist, Irina embarked on a career that initially aligned with her academic roots. For a period, she dedicated herself to the noble profession of teaching and linguistic exploration.

However, the magnetic pull of her true nature, her inherent creative spirit, steered Irina away from the conventional path. The canvas called, and for many years now, Irina has wholeheartedly embraced the world of painting and artistic creation. Her commitment to the art form reflects a profound dedication to self-expression and the pursuit of beauty.

Her preferred tools include soft and hard pastels, coloured pencils, and occasionally oils on canvas for those seeking a different aesthetic. This meticulous approach allows her to capture the intricate details, textures, and colours that breathe life into her artworks.

Beyond the strokes of her paintbrush, Irina is the driving force behind her own company specializing in greeting cards. In this venture, she takes on the role of an illustrator, bringing her artistic vision to a broader audience.