Preparing your images for The Art Room

We have collated a few points for students to read before uploading their artwork to The Art Room. A good quality scan or photograph, optimised in the right way, is perfect for our tutors to assess. Many students use the free software called Gimp, so please view our help pages for guidance.

  1. All images must be saved as a JPEG (NOT A GIMP FILE) and if you are using Gimp, please view our Gimp Tutorials to help you with this. 
  2. NOTE - Please upload all of your images as JPGS - opposed to collating them in a Word Doc as not all tutors can open them.
  3. Scanned images and photos are usually quite high in resolution and this can take not only a long time to upload, but also to download for the tutor at their end, as not everyone is on a fast internet connection. So we recommend students reduce their work to 1500 pixels wide to upload to the ' The Art Room ' .  
  4. Rotate the images so they are the correct way up before uploading.
  5.  Crop your images so that only the actual artwork or bleed marks are visible - ie crop out any areas of the scanner bed, mount, frame, floor etc so that your tutor is only looking at your artwork when assessing.

To help you with all of the above, please view our gimp tutorials. If students need further guidance, or wish to ask any specific questions please use our contact form on our contact page.

Monique Piscaer Bailey

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