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2015 Annual Tutors' Conference

We hold our annual tutor conference every year in Bristol UK for our tutors and admin staff. We had a very good turn out again this year. Rona Cox, our photography tutor set up a group photo for us all which you can see below. We have added the names of everyone form left to right so students can recognise their tutors and admin staff. Unfortunately this year Peter Fisher, Anne Fisher, Gayle Mason, Jan Nesbit, Melanie Philips and Nicholas Beall were unable to make the conference.

Each year we have plenty of topics to discuss, we chat about how the college is running, any changes that are being planned, how the courses are running, feedback is reviewed and tutor ideas are discussed.

One of the most important topics that interests our students the most is - Who won the 2015 competition?

We review and re-review the entries in turn with discusion about the work which is projected on the big screen in the conference room. You can view the entries, finalists and the winners on our Competitions Page. 

WELL DONE TO ALL WHO ENTRERED - The work was simply excellent! 

We are all looking forward to meeting up again in 2016 and of course running the next London Art College competition too!

Left to Right: Rona Cox, Alan Dedman, Stuart Roberts, Alison Douglas-Jones, Rupert Douglas-Jones, Maggy Roberts, Spencer Hill, John Byrne, Paul Weaver, Vanessa Weaver, Shevaun Doherty, Monika Cilmi.