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Student Artwork by Sabina Rahmanova

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£375.00 in 4 instalments at £93.75 each

International students will not be supplied with a paper copy

Drawing and Painting Online Art Course

Tutored by Alan Dedman BA, RAS, PGCE and Paul Weaver

The Drawing and Painting Course is a Diploma Course

The expected duration of this course is approximately 1 year although the college allows students up to two years to complete their studies. This course is suitable for all students.

Refine your technique and express your creative vision with the Drawing and Painting Diploma Course from the London Art College.

Through practical exercises and constructive support, this inspiring written course is designed to build your artistic skills and let your creativity flourish. From the fundamentals of sketching and colour, to composition, painting and experimenting with style, you will study and explore an engaging variety of creative media and subject matters.

Suitable for complete beginners or experienced artists looking to broaden their horizons, the carefully structured syllabus allows you to progress and consolidate your learning at your own pace.

This curated approach  will develop your skills, confidence and creative vision, to help you see and express the world around you in visual terms.  We aim to support you to grow as an artist, whatever level you are at. 

In our honest experience, following a tutor on a video ‘paint along’ might highlight certain skills and techniques, but essentially it teaches you to copy something; ‘to replicate’ a piece of work. As a college, we don’t want you to copy, we want to help you create!

Our tutors are practising artists themselves, sharing their experience and expertise through structured assessments and feedback. Combined with the opportunity to discuss your art with other students in our friendly forums, the course offers the perfect apparatus to achieve your full artistic potential.

Upon successful completion of this Diploma Course you will be equipped with a portfolio of work and a foundation of core creative skills that will empower your art for years to come.

Students are able to upload their artwork to the 'The Art Room' on our website. Each student is given a unique username and password on enrolment for their own private section in The Art Room.

Students can upload their artwork for the tutor to collect and critique. The tutor will then upload feedback for the student to download. If you do not have facilities to upload your artwork, you can mail your artwork to the tutors centre and receive your artwork back with your critique.

It is essential you label all packages/artwork with your student number.

Student Artwork by Evelyn Sichrovsky

All our courses are written to be your comprehensive guide into each of their subject matters. We understand that students appreciate clarification about various aspects of their work from a course tutor, whom provide reassurance that techniques are put into practice effectively. 

Each courses has its own dedicated Tutor. The tutor keeps the course up to date and relevant to today's students. They are available to the individual student for advice and encouragement. Each course has regular exercises and assignments that are constructed in such a way as to give the student the opportunity to practice the techniques learnt on the course and to test themselves as they go along. Students are encouraged to submit the assignment work to the college for the tutor to critique.

The student's work will be returned together with the tutor's personal critique. On many courses the assignment work may be suitable for inclusion in a student's Portfolio of Work that could be very useful later. The college will use the assignments submitted as the basis for any award of a letter, certificate or diploma.

Student Artwork (detail) by Nancy Hunter
Media: Equipment used Subject: Areas covered Techniques: Skills developed
  • Pencil
  • Pen and ink
  • Watercolour
  • Oils
  • Acrylic
  • Gouache
  • Plants and flowers
  • Animals
  • Landscape
  • Illustration for children
  • Life
  • Portraiture
  • Using the mediums
  • Perspective
  • Composition
  • Enlarging
  • Different styles
  • Selling your work

Study Units Covered

Materials needed, perspective, pen and ink drawing, drawing plants and flowers, drawing animals, drawing out of doors, distinction between pen and pencil, illustrating for children, materials and colour, watercolour techniques and preparation, size and proportion of pictures, composition, landscapes, creativity in painting, oil painting, experiments with style, acrylics and gouache, life drawing, life and movement.


Our students have some flexibility within this programme to allow them to concentrate more of their time on sections of particular interest, but we do encourage people to try all the subjects and media included in the course to develop an all round understanding.

This course has been running for many years. It is regularly updated and has proved its worth to thousands of past students, many of whom attribute their subsequent success as an artist started with this course. If you want to become an artists, whether in the expectation of selling your work in due course or simply for the pleasure of painting and drawing in your own home, this course offers you a very cost effective introduction to the world of the creative artist. This course with its proven, progressive study units, could be just what you are looking for.

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Below are a few images from the course itself.

The way how chapters are sequenced is really well thought of. They take you through different aspects of painting and drawing and step by step you feel your progress and better grasp of technique. I must say that what I valued most are suggestions and motivating feedback from my tutor, Paul. Many times I have felt unsatisfied with what I have produced – but his positive comments and tips allowed me to become more confident.

M Milewska

I wanted to contact you to thank you for your support during my course. With my limited experience I was unsure whether it was the right course for me. However your detailed feedback (how to improve and what worked well) and your encouragement, built my confidence and I have learnt so much.

J Hodgkiss

This course has been perfect for me. With Alan Dedman's positive and constructive comments - including his advice as to where to find ideas - I have become absorbed and committed to finding a way of expressing myself through art and, of course, learning salient techniques.

William Huxham

I really enjoyed the course it made me try things that I would not normally have done. Paul was a wonderful tutor he was very encouraging and made you want to get on. So sad it's over but thinking of doing another one.

S Snow

All in all a great course with a versatile material. The facebook group is great and you can get a real sence of community and support from other students with the weekend challenges adding to that sence of being together. Alan gives great, constructive feedback and the administration team was friendly. I really learned a lot!

T Meurman

I would like to say that I am very happy with my improve after finishing Drawing and Painting Course. My aim was learning and practice a little bit but I had a great time doing all activities. I was very happy feeling how enjoyable is a hobby when you have a amazing tutor to help and motivate you. Thank you Alan Dedman, my tutor, and all London Art College for the lovely attention and support.

J Saibrosa

I would like to say that I am very happy with my improve after finishing Drawing and Painting Course. My aim was learning and practice a little bit but I had a great time doing all activities. I was very happy feeling how enjoyable is a hobby when you have a amazing tutor to help and motivate you. Thank you Alan Dedman, my tutor, and all London Art College for the lovely attention and support.

J Saibrosa

Very nice course, excellent tutor and I loved the electronic submission

R van der Kogel

Thanks very much to Paul. His comments and criticisms were always constructive and helpful. He has given me much more confidence in my abilities and encouraged me in so many ways.

R Hatchett