Drawing and Painting Online Art Course (D1)

Tutored by Alan Dedman BA, RAS, PGCE and Paul Weaver

The Drawing and Painting Course is a Diploma Course

Refine your technique and express your creative vision with the Drawing and Painting Diploma Course from the London Art College.

Through practical exercises and constructive support, this inspiring correspondence course is designed to build your artistic skills and take your creativity further. From the fundamentals of sketching and colour, to composition, painting and experimenting with style, you will study and explore an engaging variety of creative media and subject matter.

Suitable for complete beginners or experienced artists looking to broaden their horizons, the carefully structured syllabus allows you to progress and consolidate your learning at your own pace.

The course syllabus includes:

  • Perspective
  • Drawing in pencil, pen and ink
  • Drawing plants and flowers
  • Drawing animals
  • Drawing out of doors
  • Distinction between pen and pencil
  • Materials and colours
  • Watercolour techniques and preparation
  • Size and proportion of pictures
  • Composition
  • Landscapes
  • Oil painting
  • Experiments with style
  • Acrylics and gouache
  • Capturing life and movement

Our tutors are practising artists themselves, sharing their experience and expertise through structured assessments and feedback. Combined with the opportunity to discuss your art with other students in our friendly forum, the course offers a perfect environment to achieve your full artistic potential.

On successful completion of this Diploma Course you will be equipped with a portfolio of work and a foundation of core creative skills that will empower your art for years to come.

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Student Artwork by Aurelia Sieberhagen

Student Artwork (detail) by Aurelia Sieberhagen

Course Prices

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Critiques online or via Regular Mail

Students are able to upload their artwork to the 'The Art Room' on our website. Each student is given a unique username and password on enrolment for their own private section in The Art Room. Students can upload their artwork for the tutor to collect and critique. The tutor will then upload feedback for the student to download. If you do not have facilities to upload your artwork, you can mail your artwork to the tutors centre and receive your artwork back with your critique. It is essential you label all packages/artwork with your student number.

Study Units Covered

Materials needed, perspective, pen and ink drawing, drawing plants and flowers, drawing animals, drawing out of doors, distinction between pen and pencil, illustrating for children, materials and colour, watercolour techniques and preparation, size and proportion of pictures, composition, landscapes, creativity in painting, oil painting, experiments with style, acrylics and gouache, life drawing, life and movement.


The student has some flexibility within this programme to allow them to concentrate more of their time on sections of particular interest, but we do encourage people to try all the subjects and media included in the course to develop an all round understanding.

This course has been running for many years. It is regularly updated but has proved its worth to thousands of past students, many of whom acknowledge that their subsequent success as artists started with this course. If you want to become an artists, whether in the expectation of selling your work in due course or simply for the pleasure of painting and drawing in your own home, this course offers you a very cost effective introduction to the world of the creative artist. This course with its well proven progressive study units, could be just what you are looking for.

Student Artwork by Evelyn Sichrovsky

Student Artwork by Evelyn Sichrovsky

Tutor Support

All our courses are written to be complete in themselves. However we realise that students may appreciate being able to get clarification about various things as they work through their programme as well wanting reassurance that they are putting techniques into practice effectively. The tutors provide the technical support to deal with relevant queries.

Most courses have their own dedicated Tutor. The tutor keeps the course up to date and relevant to today's students. They are available to the individual student for advice and encouragement. Each course has regular exercises and assignments that are constructed in such a way as to give the student the opportunity to practice the techniques learnt on the course and to test themselves as they go along. The student is encouraged to submit the assignment work to the college for the tutor to critique. The student's work will be returned together with the tutor's personal critique. On many courses the assignment work may be suitable for inclusion in a student's Portfolio of Work that could be very useful later. The college will use the assignments submitted as the basis for any award of a letter, certificate or diploma.

Student Artwork by Nancy Hunter

Student Artwork (detail) by Nancy Hunter

Duration and Experience

The expected duration of this course is approximately 1 year although the college allows students up to two years to complete their studies.This course is suitable for all students.

Course Content

The following is an overview of some of the areas that are covered in the course.

Media: Equipment used

Subject: Areas covered

Techniques: Skills developed

Pen and ink

Plants and flowers
Illustration for children

Using the mediums
Different styles
Selling your work

Samples pages from this course

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Sample Images from the course

Below are a few images from the course itself.

Course ArtworkCourse ArtworkCourse Artwork

Testimonials from students

"Hello Paul! I received my diploma and I feel really happy! I want to thank you for everything, you are a really good teacher, your feedback was always helpful, friendly and made me grow and you kept me motivated through all the course. You also was very friendly and even it was a distance learning course, I could feel you enjoy your work. I gain more confidence and lost my fear to draw. Thank you."

Diana Villalobos

Hi Paul, I just sent in the last assignments for this course (24 and 26). It is a little bit with sadness that this wonderful course is already finished. But on the other hand I feel deeply enriched by it. I feel privileged to have been part of it and very thankful for all your help, motivation and comments. I will certainly do another course some time but at the moment I want to put into practice what I have learned. Practicing the different mediums is very important to me. Soon I will apply to become a member of the Morin-Heights Arts Community within which I wish to participate in exhibitions ... also in an active way by helping organizing, etc. With all my heart I would like to thank you here once more for everything. You are such a wonderful teacher and guide! I will miss this contact! Take care.

Christine Amstutz

Very well designed program of course drawing & painting, attractive, many interesting examples, a little bit of everything,.great tutor.

Darinka Svircic

I so much enjoy this online course of yours. Paul Weaver is an extraordinary teacher who goes through great lengths to comment as precisely as possible. He is encouraging en every sens of the way. Through his comments and critics I feel profoundly motivated. I also loved his hints in terms of future work. Thank you so very much!

Christine Amstutz

Dear Alan, I wanted to thank you for bearing with me for nearly two years and giving me a critique of my work thus helping me immensely. I enjoyed doing the course and it did push me to try and do new and different things. My Husband says I have greatly improved over the last two years. All the help and knowledge that you shared with me regarding my assignments really helped me to improve and gain in confidence. I just received my Diploma Certificate in the post. For some reason I wasn't expecting a certificate. So it came as a total surprise. Once again thank you and all best wishes.

Sonia Harbridge

Your Drawing & Painting course has been of great benefit. Though I've dabbled in art for many years (nay, decades), on and off, I've always felt that I was missing some of the discipline and focus that one gets by submitting work for criticism and observation Your help, though, has been more broadly based and it has certainly helped fill the gaps I felt I had in my skill and knowledge set. Thanks once again. It's been pleasurable and rewarding working with you.

Barrie Markham Rhodes

Hi Paul, Thank you very much for once again giving me such excellent detailed feedback - and such encouraging assessments ! I would like to say that I have enjoyed tackling this course and have found a great deal of value in your constructive comments as we've gone along. I undertook the course because, although I have 'dabbled' in art (on and off) for many years, I've never really been subjected to the discipline that a course like this demands and have always felt that, somehow, I've missed out on some of the fundamental skills and processes. You have certainly helped me remedy this ! I'm debating tackling another LAC course. I'm torn between Life and Landscape at the moment. Once again, many thanks for your guidance. Regards.

Barrie Markham Rhodes

Thanks for an exciting and inspiring course. I will proceed with my painting and are now attending painting classes here in Busan with a Korean-speaking teacher :) After finishing the course and going through the basics with you, it is now much easier to understand what the teacher is trying to convey.

Kari Lise Flaaskjer

Thank you very much for the course and great help in developing my skills in art. At the beginning of this course I wasn't sure which medium will suit me most. During this course I tried myself in various forms of drawing and painting and now I know that it's watercolours that make my heart sing. Thank you very much and all the best. Regards,

Olga Ritchie

I've just finished the Drawing & Painting Diploma course with Alan Dedman & have received my diploma, I've been awarded a' Merit ' it makes all the hard work worth while :) Thank you to the LAC & Alan, I toughly enjoyed it & Alan is an excellent tutor giving constructive criticism & encouragement. I have just enrolled for the Life Drawing Course also with Alan. I'm looking forward to starting it soon. :)

Jill Jeffery-Smith

Thank you so much for the certificate and your letter. i was delighted to be awarded the distinctions, I just hope i can eventually translate it into sales. i wrote to Julie Douglas when i finished last month but I would like to reiterate my thanks for her help and advise throughout. I found the sections on composition utterly invaluable. i now feel I can 'read; pictures where before i only barely understood and as a direct result i am tackling the sort of landscape format painting that i have always avoided of fear of making mistakes. I have greatly enjoyed and appreciated the experience and I have learned an immense amount. I guess the toughest par starts now. Thank you.

Richard Alford

Ann commented on London Art College's Wall post. Read More Here >> Ann wrote: "It was brilliant - I have not long finished the course and thought the same when I first started but I enjoyed every minute of it. It was great to see some of my painting on the website. I am not a professional artist but have sold many of my paintings and now my boss wants me to do some art for their new offices - Great hey! Just go with the flow and you will learn all that you need to learn. Enjoy the journey - I loved it! Ann"


I would like to take this opportunity to say how much I enjoyed the Drawing and Painting Diploma Course. I found it a real challenge, as I hadn't done any artwork on a regular basis. The course certainly improved my motivation to paint and draw every week and I found Alan's Critique very helpful. He gave me the encouragement I needed to complete more work and improve my painting and drawing. I was surprised to be warded a merit, I was absolutely thrilled. Yours.


Dear Alan, It's rewarding to finally be submitting my last assignment, but at the same times it's a wistful feeling to know that this will be the last audio critique. Thank you for all the input, encouragement, and advice you have given me throughout the course. Thank you especially for your patience with me. I have learned so many things through this course and I will keep them in mind as I go on. I will especially try to remember your advice to be less "perfectionistic" and to learn to 'let go' more in my work. This is often an elusive concept for me, but I hope that with time I will better understand how to apply it. Enrolling in the Drawing and Painting Course has been a very worthwhile investment and learning experience for me. Many thanks to you and all those at the London Art College! Sincerely.


I have really enjoyed this course, and as you suggested, I am looking at maybe the potrait course next. Look forward to hearing from you, and thank you so much for your clear and inspiring advice, Best of luck to you.

Esther Murphy

Dear Alan and Personnel, Thank you for my Diploma. I received it this week and was very surprise to have been awarded a distinction! I really enjoyed the course very much and it was exactly what I needed. I am confident to say that the course is truly unique, honest, and written with so much passion. It is full of essential information on techniques and materials. With the help of Alan and the logically presented course, you can’t help but make progress in your art work. I highly recommend them. I find the course really superb in two ways: first they are very complete and comprehensive and second, Alan's’ comments was always very informative and straight to the point. Meanwhile I am busy with my Art History Diploma and enjoy that just as much. Kind regards.


I am happier with these later pieces of work as they seem to be less overworked and have a certain clarity that my first attempts lacked. The course notes gave an excellent tip of keeping the pictures small. This has been a great help to me...and I started to see an improvement.

J.H. From Cheshire

I am currently on the Painting & Drawing Diploma course, working on my final assignment withAlan Dedman. My workplace our local Primary Care NHS Trust held a Well being Day recently. It was the ideal opportunity to promote art as a very rewarding, satisfying and de-stressing activity. I held an exhibition of some of my work. Staff were invited to guess the name of my paintings and also to do their own bit of artwork on a painting I had pencilled out. The finished painting now stands in pride of place in our Primary Care Education Centre! My stall was a great success and I was visited by over seventy members of staff. Many asked for advice on how to get started as artists and others felt inspired to take up the pencil and paint brush again after many idle years. I was approached by someone to help with a community project for disadvantaged people in our area, encouraging children to help paint a mural on the wall of the community centre. Perhaps you would be kind enough to let Alan know of my success.

Shona Lyall

Dear Alan, I would like to thank you for all the help that you have given me throughout the last year on my Painting & Drawing Diploma course. You are a really good influence - and a kind and helpful person.

Ernest Taylor

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