Help FAQ 

Students often have questions about 'The Art Room' or using the system in general. We have collated a few here which you might find useful.


1- I am unable to login - what should I do?

All students are supplied with a unique username and password for The Art Room' which is located in the front of your course folder. The login details are case sensitive and do include an asterisk in the password. The asterisk can be found on a normal keyboard above the number 8. If you are having difficulty logging in, and you have tried on a number of devices and tested logging in using different browsers, please email your username and password using the form on our contact page.


2 - The digital course PDF's are password protected and I can't open them?

Some students have found that they are unable to view the pdf's on their computers as it shows that they are password protected, however none of the PDF documents are password protected. It usually means that something on your computer or in your browser is stopping you from viewing them. Our advice is to try the following - 

  • Clear your browser history,
  • Try using a different browser - ie Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari etc
  • Try viewing the PDF's on a different device - ie Phone, Tablet, Laptop etc
  • Check what software you are using for anti-virus, pop up blockers and firewalls.
  • Finally, if you are still having problems please email using the contact form >>

3 - I cant upload any more images - what should I do?

Students can upload 20 single JPEG images for their tutor to assess within each assignment. The total file size limit is 20mb's. If you require any help in resizing your images please read our how to prepare your artwork for uploading to your tutor section. If you find you really need to submit more than 20 files please contact  for advice and guidance including your username and password. NOTE - Please upload all of your images as JPEG's - opposed to collating them in a Word Doc as not all tutors can open them.


4 - I'm still waiting for my critique, is there a problem, did i upload everything correctly?

Tutors have 28 days in which to respond to students assignments. If you are concerned that your tutor hasn't received your submission, please email your username and password and let us know which set of work it is that you are waiting for, using the form on our contact page.


5 - Can I change my email address in 'The Art Room'

Yes, students can update their details in the profile section of The Art Room. For more information please visit our profile help page.


6 - What file types can I upload?

Ideally students need to upload JPEG's for their artwork and MS Word docs or similar for their text. Please try to avoid using any obscure file types as our tutors may not be able to open them. For the digital Illustration and iPad courses, please follow the guidance in your assignments with regards to file types.


7 - Will a scanned or digital image be of a high enough quality for my tutor?

Yes. Digital images, if prepared in the correct way (preparing your images help guide) will be perfect for your tutor to assess. Tutors often prefer to see the artwork in a digital format as it is actually easier to assess. If the need arises that your tutor would like to see the original artwork, they will always request it if necessary.


8 - I need to contact my tutor, can I do this via 'The Art Room'

Students can send message to their tutors via The Art Room messaging system. Tutors are happy to answer any questions you have regarding your course or if you need help. More information can be found in the messaging your tutor help section.


9 - I need to write text to go along with my artwork, how do I submit this?

Text can be submitted in The Art Room in same area as uploading your JPEG images when uploading. Our software does have a time out feature. Ideally your text should be written in word processing software so that you can save as you are writing. Once you have completed the text it can be either uploaded as an MS Word doc, or the text can be copied and pasted from your word processing software into the comments box. Please see our how to upload artwork page for more details. 

11 - What if I don't receive notifications when my artwork has been critqiued?

Check to see if any of our London Art College emails have gone into your Junk or Spam folder. This will most probably be the cause. Alternatively if you are continually not recieving notifications, check that the email addres sin your profile is correct. You may like to choose a different email address - a friends and family to check to see if its working. We are happy for you to message us via The Art Room, as this will generate notification emails imediatly. If you are still having probelms, please email your username and password and let us know which set of work it is that you are waiting for, using the form on our contact page.


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